Need a blog of your own but don’t have the tech know-how?

Having your own blog is great, but many people simply don’t have the technical ability to get their own blog up and running. WordPress is the platform of choice for many bloggers, but for the uninitiated, the blog design and setup can seem a bit technical.

Here is a solution to get a beautiful, responsive blog done for you. I will handle the blog design and set up, allowing you to start blogging without the hassle.

This solution will provide you with a beautiful blog design that gets you set up and running quickly.

Here’s what it includes……

Beautifully designed theme

Purpose made, SEO friendly, mobile responsive, blogging themes.

blog design and setup
blog design and setup
blog design and setup
  • Designed on WordPress to include a Blog Page, About page, and Contact Page.
  • Fully responsive for all mobile devices
  • Includes Domain name (up to £10) and 1-year hosting

Stay Connected

Email and social media account connection done for you. A fully functional contact page will be included so your followers can always contact you.

Any of your social media accounts will also be connected ensuring that your page visitors can connect with you on your social media channels.

blog setup and design
  • Email connection to your Contact page
  • Social media account linking
  • Add social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Worried about SEO?

blog setup and design

You need SEO to get your site found on search, but it can be overwhelming. Don’t worry. My custom blog package includes –

  • Basic SEO
  • Page Meta-descriptions
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Alt Image Text
  • Sitemap Generation

Get everything handled for you, leaving you with an out-of-the-box, ready-to-go blogging solution. Giving you time to focus on creating your blog posts.

Free Consultation and phone support

Want a chat before you decide? I will give an initial free consultation to help you decide what’s best for you.

I’ll also include 1 hour phone support to get you up and running.

Contact me to get started