rachel blogger

Meet Rachel, she runs a personal development and mental health blog.

What is your name?


Where do you live?

Cheshire, UK

What is your blog’s website address?


What subject or topic is your blog about? 

Mental health & Personal Development

How many years have you been blogging?

I have only just started 🙂

Who are you trying to reach and how do you hope your blog can help them?

I aim to reach individuals that yearn to constantly develop themselves and who want to learn how they can create their best life. I hope my blog can guide and widen perception on mental health and personal development.

What are the biggest challenges you encounter when managing your blog?

I encounter my own self-doubt with my content, but I try to do my research and use my life experiences to overcome and push through. By working through my own challenges, I strengthen my personal insight and am able to develop new skills.

Can we find you on social media? Which channels do you use?

Yes. Twitter and Instagram

What additional features would you like to add or include on your blog this year?

I hope to add more ‘mini self-help series’ which last for a few days and are basically like a little workshop on specific topics.

Will you be adding new elements to your blog in the future?

I hope to create content featuring other bloggers, individually and collectively.

Which of your blog posts are you most proud of and why?

I am most proud of a blog post called ‘The Real Reasons why you Stuck!’ The reason being that doing the research and writing up the post enabled me to open my self awareness to my own behaviours and I was hit with some pretty hard truths. However, by recognising my patterns, I have been able to willingly accept my truth and work through them. It is always rewarding when you can also help yourself through your own blog post.


What are your best blogging tips and tricks?

If you are a creative like me, use Wix to design your blog!

If you had to share your best piece of advice with new bloggers, what would it be?

Write as often as you can and build up a master content bank full of ideas to keep you motivated.