UK Tech Blog: Best tools to use

Ever wonder how to best optimize your UK tech blog? These days with the global nature of business and economy it doesn’t really matter if your blog is based in France with your target market in Russia. The internet has allowed us to do wonderful things in terms of breaching the distance between faraway countries.

Well, keep reading. I have compiled a list of software and plugins for you that will be perfect for your new website. Some even have the bonus of being UK based companies.

Domain Names & Web Hosting

Jolt UK

There is something nice about knowing that your site is sitting comfortably on a server not too far away in your home country. Jolt UK offers the complete package of web hosting, backups, and online support.

Their online chat typically responds in just a few minutes and will help you out with even the most basic of questions.

If you want to switch to them to host your new technical blog Jolt will even handle migrating your site for you, so you don’t have to mess with all that technical stuff. Their prices are really reasonable and feature some really nice included extras. I actually use them personally and have NO complaints. Give them a try.

SEO Plugins for your UK Tech Blog


I have been a user and a fan of Yoast since I very first started using WordPress, then I discovered Squirrly. This is an SEO plugin that is just as easy to use as Yoast and offers even more features.

Built right into their Live Assistant (a floating box that guides you through your SEO step) there are options of keyword research, free images and other nice tools to help optimize your UK tech blog to the best possible level.

After I used it I was converted into being a complete Squirrly fan. You should give it a try.

SEO Software Suite

Serpstat (NY)

When I started blogging and freelancing (yes I do that too!) I spent a good amount of time researching every suite of tools out there when I needed to take my business to the next level.

Many are excellent suites of software, some you will know. Names like Moz, SEMrush, or Ahrefs. These are all excellent tools that provide helpful insights, audit functions, and a host of other items. But they were just a bit more than I wanted to pay each month.

Then I discovered Serpstat – and fell in love. Well, alright, that’s a bit strong but I did discover an awesome suite of tools.

Serpsat provides site audits, keyword research, competitive analysis, and all pretty simple to follow with an intuitive interface. I highly recommend if you are looking for a bit more than the standard SEO plugins can provide.

Affiliate Advertising

Commission Junction

With Commission Junction you pick from a list of merchants to promote the ones you want to partner with and then place their banners, links, ads on your site.

Some say not quite as high paying as some other affiliate partners, but you have more control over the types of ads being displayed on your site. If you keep the advertising relevant to your niche then you may generate more click-throughs. So it could be swings and roundabouts.

Freelancing Sites

People Per Hour

If you run a blog for foodies, a lifestyle blog, or any other type of website, you may bolster your income by offering writing and other services to clients. There is a wealth of services that are on offer but many are tech-based like web development or SEO writing.

Should you decide that this is a good way to boost your earnings the big sites are places like Upwork and Freelance but we have a couple of good ones here in the UK too. People Per Hour is one of the more popular ones and is worth a look.

Social Media Management


There are loads of different tools to use for managing your social media. Hootsuite, Buffer, Loomly, Later, the list goes on and on. Some of these integrate with every platform you will need. But some do not. If you are running a blog you will need a tool that integrates with Pinterest.

The visual search/social media platform Pinterest has fast become a popular tool for driving traffic to blogs, and in large numbers. So this is one that you really need to be using to take advantage of all that free traffic.

Many bloggers recommend Tailwind for pinning and managing their social media calendar. No doubt it is an excellent tool. But it only plays nice with Pinterest and Instagram – and you have to set up and pay for a separate account for each.

So what if, like me, you also utilize Facebook and Twitter? Well, there is a tool that is just built for that purpose. Take a look at Crowdfire. I LOVE this versatile social media tool.

Not only does it integrate with the ‘Big 4’ – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, it also links to your blog and directly pulls in your blog articles so you can easily turn them into posts, tweets or pins.

There is a scheduling calendar and even a curated feed that you can select by topic then use the listed articles to beef up your own social media feed. Must cost a fortune, you are thinking, right?. Wrong! Crowdfire starts with a free trial account and then is under £10 per month. Excellent value.

So go to Crowdfire, use the free trial and see just how amazing this social media content management tool is. I highly recommend.

Final Thoughts

If you are starting a UK tech blog or website then this list should provide a good place to start. Providing you with starter sites and useful plugins to help you manage your blog or website.

Which software or plugins have you found the most useful for your site?

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